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Registered: ‎04-18-2017

Zynq ZC702 and petalinux on Ubuntu16.04 running on Virtualbox


We were setting up a Ubuntu development environment (running on Virtual box 6.0) for Zynq ZC702 for petalinux development. The installation of petalinux and other binaries were done perfectly and compilation, packaging of various output files also happens without issues. We are using SDCard for flashing the image onto ZC702. The BOOT.BIN and image.ub can also be copied to the SDCard without issues. For detecting SDcard in Virtual box, had followed the instructions available in the link for creating the virtual disk file for Virtualbox. The SDcard enumeration also works properly, but after changing rootfs from initramfs to SDcard and while copying the rootfs.tar.gz using the command sudo tar xvf rootfs.tar.gz -C /media/system/rootfs it fails with an exception, a symlink cannot be created in the location. While searching for fixing this, came across the symlink error comes for fat32 partition and can be fixed if it is an ext4 partition. Upon fixing this error, another error saying operation not permitted is coming. With and without superuser permissions, no change is happening.

  1. Has anyone faced a similar issue or what is the workaround for this? 
  2. Is it feasible to use VirtualBox for petalinux based development?
  3. Is there any document/set of libraries which needs to be installed for setting the petalinux development environment in VirtualBox?
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