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Observer y_okada
Registered: ‎06-25-2014

Zynq (microZed) > does not read uramdisk.image.gz

My devices and Environments

- Avnet MicroZed

- XSDK/Vivado on Window7 pro (32bit)

- PetaLinux on CentOS 6.5 


What I did was to create boot files for microSD boot and to boot MicroZed using the microSD.

Attached (named boot.txt) is the log of the boot process.


It seems that in the boot process, uramdisk.image.gz is not read. Checking the reading of ramdisk reading by following command does not return "reading uramdisk.image.gz"

dmesg | grep ramdisk



I would like to know how to make the boot process read the uramdisk.image.gz.



Followings are what I did to prepare files for microSD.


1. downloaded prebuild BSP from here (Avnet-MicroZed-z7010-v2014.2.bsp)

2. created project by following command

petalinux-create -t project -s Avnet-MicroZed-z7010-v2014.2.bsp

3. built the PetaLinux files (system.dtb, u-boot.elf, uImage, zynq_fsbl.elf, image.ub ) by


 4. made uImage by

mkimage -A arm -O linux -T kernel -C none -a 0x80008000 -e 0x80008000 -n "Linux kernel" -d images/linux/zImage uImage

 5. downloaded arm_ramdisk.image.gz from here

 6. made uramdisk.image.gz by 

mkimage -A arm -T ramdisk -C gzip -d ./arm_ramdisk.image.gz uramdisk.image.gz

 7. on XSDK > Xilinx Tools > Craete Zynq Boot Image, created BOOT.bin setting following files to be input

- zynq_fsbl.elf
- u-boot.elf
- uImage
- uramdisk.image.gz
- system.dtb

 8. Put BOOT.bin and image.ub (built at step 3) to microSD and boot using the microSD






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Observer y_okada
Registered: ‎06-25-2014

Re: Zynq (microZed) > does not read uramdisk.image.gz

It is found that the uramdisk.image.gz is initrd. And in PetaLinux, instead of initrd, initramfs is built and included into the kernel image. So, I do not need to read uramdisk.image.gz for PetaLinux.



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