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Registered: ‎07-26-2009

boot linux memory problem

I want porting linux2.6.28 into virtex-II pro, everything works well if SDRAM base address is 0x0. when I change to other value, it don't work.


    I tried to make MPMC Base Momory is 0x10000000, which will have download problem since in powerpc/boot/wrapper , the linker address is 0x400000, I change this address to 0x1040000, then download problem solved. Hower, there is no output at all from series ports. I stop XMD and see PC points is 0x10400070, it don't go into virtual address of kernel at all,just stuck there. I believe these is problem with memory setting.bty, I try the way of changing config_physical_start defaulted value from ox0 to 0x100000000, it still did't work.


It seems that Memory address(SDRAM) have to be start from 0x0, which is mentioned in document/powerpc/wrapper.txt. Alos since simpleImage use simpleboot, I notic in arch/powerpc/boot/simpleboot.c  "Only interested in memory based at 0 ".

  is there some menthod to modifiy so that I can booting linux form MPMC at ox10000000 rather than 0x0, do some files needed be edit?


  Anyone can give me

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