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Registered: ‎11-05-2018

custom resolution in kernel linux for IMX296 cmos camera

Hi everyone,

I would like to stream from the cmos camera IMX296 for a project. We already made it work on raspberry pi but the final goal is on FPGA ^^

Hardware is : Ultra96 v2 with the adapter board from Airtarvision the last version 2.1, CMOS camera module IMX296

I already tested my pipeline using the PCAM5C from digilent and could stream and catch image using yavta.

now i wish to do the same with our module.

the pipeline is :

- MIPI-CSI2 RX parameter RAW10 on 1 serial data lane, 1200Mbps and 2 ppc

- the data goes into a Axis-subset that will restructure our  data bus (24bits) into a 16data bits. am taking only the tdata[19:12]&tdata[9:2]

- Demosaic parameter: 8bit data with 2 ppc

- Gamma Lut parameter : same as upper

- 2 video processing subsystem: 1 color space convertor and 1 scaler

- framebuffer write

dphy clock : 200 MHz and lite_aclk = video_aclk = 150MHz


We use the patch from linaro devicetree : for the driver from imx296

My pipeline is well reconize in linux, all the subdev are present but if i try to execute yavta i end up with the error : VIDIOC_STREAMON error 32, Broken Pipe

I suppose (since this pipeline worked for the PCAM) that my problem is at the parametrage of the video pipeline. (media-ctl at the first time show me the camera as if it wasn't configured)

The camera is programmed with RAW10 format and a resolution of 1440x1088, if we test in baremetal we see that we get data out of the camera so the problem should not come from there. I think it is more coming from the parameter of the camera and more specifically the resolution which is not recognize by v4l2, because the pixel format is the same than for the imx294 and the configuration is the same than for the test design on the wiki page.

Does anyone knows where i could register this resolution (1440x1088) so:

1) my pipeline reconizes it

2) i can use v_scaler to change it to a more commun one

Thank you a lot in advance

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