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Registered: ‎08-03-2010

davinci and touch screen

Hi all
I am using linux davinci (33bd223c). my embedded card is da830 and i have a touch screen on it - TS2046.
I found a driver on the net - (two files - TS2046.c TS2046.h , and some changes to the config and makefile). I know that the board is connected to the touch screen via spi. to be accurate - SPI1. Despite all of this, i dont have in the /arch/arm/mach-davinci/board-da830-evm.c the structs that include the spi and the touch screen. i saw in the internet something like that, that i think that need to be added to this code source:

static struct spi_board_info da8xx_spi_board_info1[] = {
[0] = {
.modalias = "tsc2046_ts",
.platform_data = &tsc2046IPWR_place_holder,
.controller_data = &tsc2046IPWR_spi_cfg,
.mode = SPI_MODE_0,
.irq = 0,
.max_speed_hz = 2 * 1000 * 1000 ,
.bus_num = 1,
.chip_select = 2,

Altough, my guess is, that that code is from montavista, and i use git.
someone, please help..

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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
Registered: ‎09-10-2008

it sounds like you've got the wrong forum as this is a Xilinx forum and we don't have any ARM processor public yet that we support.


Sorry, but you need a forum that is for divinci, probably at TI, rather than Xilinx.

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