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dma node in devicetree affect amp applicaiton?

Hi all:

         I am working on Linux/Baremetal applicaiton from scratch on zedboard. use xapp1078 as a reference.I know well on the whole process.but I still have some questions:

       1,when I added "mem=384M" to the bootargs of the devicetree,the kernel cannot boot,stop at kernel panic,so if I only modify the sdram size in zynq_zed.h in u-boot source and the memory entry "reg = <0x0000...  0x1800....>" of the devicetree.can i achive the same purpose???will there be some "size effects"?by the way, i completed the amp applicaiton several months ago,but now i changed to another Linux kernel(merge the ADI kernel with the linux-denx kernel),it generated the issues it the kernel configuration which cause the problem??

        2,when i creat the amp applicaiton.I follow all the necessary steps.but the boot process of linux on cpu0 still destroy the WFE mode of cpu1,then I commented out the ps7_dma_0 node  of my devicetree,the problem is solved. the cpu1 is in wfe mode,the applicaiton work well. but now I have to use the ps7_dma_0 in linux ,what can i do??

can someone help me??any advice would appreciated.

How i can modify the ps7_dma_0 node??? so  the boot code of linux will not destroy the WFE mode of cpu1???

 below is my  devicetree,it looks quite nomal

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Registered: ‎05-26-2015

Re: dma node in devicetree affect amp applicaiton?

About the mem=384M issue, I think you need to modify fdt_high environment variable of u-boot as well:


setenv fdt_high 0x18000000




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