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Registered: ‎06-03-2014

failed to use CROSS_COMPILE

I want to compile the u-boot on my virtual machine. The followting is the information in the terminal.


root@hongrui-virtual-machine:/mnt/hgfs/LinuxShare/u-boot-Digilent-Dev-zynq-beta-v2.2# make CROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux-gnueabi-zynq_zybo_config
System not configured - see README
make: *** [all] Error 1


I have installed the Vivado14.04 and SDK on my virtual machine, and the OS on my virtual is Ubutun12.04 32bits. In addition, I had generated the bitstream successfully before I began to compile the u-boot. In order to solve this problem, I try to modifiy the path as following,


root@hongrui-virtual-machine:/mnt/hgfs/LinuxShare/u-boot-Digilent-Dev-zynq-beta-v2.2# export CROSS_COMPILE=arm-xilinx-linux-gnueabi-
root@hongrui-virtual-machine:/mnt/hgfs/LinuxShare/u-boot-Digilent-Dev-zynq-beta-v2.2# export PATH=/root/opt/Xilinx/SDK/2014.4/gnu/arm/lin/:$PATH


Then I try to compile the u-boot again,


root@hongrui-virtual-machine:/mnt/hgfs/LinuxShare/u-boot-Digilent-Dev-zynq-beta-v2.2# make CROSS_COMPILE=arm-xilinx-gnueabi-zynq_zybo_config
System not configured - see README
make: *** [all] Error 1


There is still an error.

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