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Observer senkoo
Registered: ‎08-28-2018

gpio_link variable in xemacps driver



My name is Senna and I am working on a project for the ZC702.


Back in 2014.2 version I progammed the fixed.c to my requirements. Well now I am trying to do the same thing but the method fixed_phy_add needs a new parameter.


int fixed_phy_add(unsigned int irq, int phy_addr,
struct fixed_phy_status *status,
int link_gpio)


I am talking about the link_gpio variable. I don't know what int to give here as a parameter. I included my GPIO pin configuration if somebody could maybe explain or point out which one it requires and why? 


I would also like to learn so maybe a little explanation could be nice :).


Here is my GPIO configuration:

MIO 16Enet 0tx_clkLVCMOS 2.5Vslowenabledout
MIO 17Enet 0txd[0]LVCMOS 2.5Vslowenabledout
MIO 18Enet 0txd[1]LVCMOS 2.5Vslowenabledout
MIO 19Enet 0txd[2]LVCMOS 2.5Vslowenabledout
MIO 20Enet 0txd[3]LVCMOS 2.5Vslowenabledout
MIO 21Enet 0tx_ctlLVCMOS 2.5Vslowenabledout
MIO 22Enet 0rx_clkLVCMOS 2.5Vslowenabledin
MIO 23Enet 0rxd[0]LVCMOS 2.5Vslowenabledin
MIO 24Enet 0rxd[1]LVCMOS 2.5Vslowenabledin
MIO 25Enet 0rxd[2]LVCMOS 2.5Vslowenabledin
MIO 26Enet 0rxd[3]LVCMOS 2.5Vslowenabledin
MIO 27Enet 0rx_ctlLVCMOS 2.5Vslowenabled


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Observer senkoo
Registered: ‎08-28-2018

Re: gpio_link variable in xemacps driver



I debugged the fixed_phy.c file in fixed_phy_add method.


I did a printk in the validiting gpio_link method and it did indeed said it wasn't valid and returned an error. But I have no idea what this int wants. I looked through documentation and google but could not find information for this driver of even the method it self.


Is there anybody that maybe has an idea?


Thanks in advance.


Best regards,


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