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Visitor mksafavi
Registered: ‎10-13-2019

how can I write a Gstreamer plugin for an HDL module and pipeline it ,on Xilinx Zynq ultrascale+


we're designing an FPGA-based video processing system on Zynq ultrascale+. all video processing is done on FPGA and launched through Gstreamer.

We added a scaler module(written in Verilog) between our (Decoder+Encoder)pipeline. the decoder and encoder are both from Xilinx IPcore (PG252). for the scaler module, we need to write a plugin in Gstreamer and pipeline them like: (omxh264dec+MyscalerPlugin+omxh265enc). I've already studied Gstreamer basic tutorials and plugin writer's guide and got a general idea of how a plugin works.

I want to get the Decoder Output address and somehow parse it to the scaler unit and tell it to start. (scaler unit read from three registers on main memory.one for informing it to start and two for the beginning of its input & output stream).In a test written in C, we did it by getting the address of output data and directly wring it on memory to inform the scaler unit.

How can I (or Where should I start to )do the same thing with Gstreamer?

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Registered: ‎10-03-2018

Re: how can I write a Gstreamer plugin for an HDL module and pipeline it ,on Xilinx Zynq ultrascale+

Hello @mksafavi,

First thing to do is build up an entire copy of GStreamer based on their build project.  Use Meson and Ninja.  Then, you can create a plug-in project in there. 

It really is quite convienent, when used as designed and intended. 

You will likely have to learn how to build up a proper set of build files, though. 

Don't fight with the system, because it is a bit stiff. 

Good Luck. 

Kind Regards,
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