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Registered: ‎03-31-2020

how to build u-boot for USB DFU

I use zynq7000(zedboard), clone u-boot source by git clone tag is xilinx-v2017.4.

Build u-boot by "make zynq_zed_config; make" before, it work fine.

Recently I want to add DFU support in u-boot, I have find almost support DFU features in zynq_zed_config, but when I start dfu featrue in u-boot, it doesn't work, any I missed?

here is my testing:

1. Start dfu "run dfu_ram", it report "Unknown command 'set' - try 'help'"

2. I look through the variables, it's "dfu_ram=run dfu_ram_info && dfu 0 ram 0" and "dfu_ram_info=set dfu_alt_info ......", I guess it may be setenv.

2. First "setenv dfu_alt_info '......'", it have no error

3. Then "dfu 0 ram 0", it report "g_dnl_register: failed!, error: -19 ......."

I have read the guide/post messages here, they are talking zynqmp and petalinux, but I didn't use petalinux to build, so I have no idea. 

Anyone share some experience?

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