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Registered: ‎03-27-2019

how to find the starting PL mem physical address that the device /dev/plmem is using?

I can see, based on the rftool.c application that comes with the UltraSacale RFSoC board RFSoC Evaluation Soft , that in order to map PL memory in user space, it  uses mmap to the file descriptor fd whichs opened /dev/plmem<DAC#/ADC#>,so for the first DAC it would be /dev/plmem1. Also I can see in the vivado block design diagram, the address DDR4 and the address of the DMA AXI lite. My goal here is to find out how physical address is allocated for  /dev/plmem## and, when they use read() it requests DMA to read PL memory based on the fd, so so how DMA knows the physical address to start to read from.


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