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linux based embedded system on virtex 4 board

Hi all,


I am a newbie to embedded systems, I have a dini DN8000K10PCI virtex 4 board (VFX100and VLX160 chips) (, and I need to 1- set up an embedded system, 2- set up a linux like OS on it 3- be able to communicate with it through ethernet and uart.


I have been fiddeling around with the XPS tool, BSB, and have generated some files which non have worked on the board not very surprisingly


I would highly appreiciate if some one with a bit of a patient mentor attitude! to kindly provide some supposedly good starting points, links, web sites, books etc... which I can get on the track and moving towards my desired system, in a timely manner ofcourse.


I will be happily respondant to any comments and questions on this,





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