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microzed 7010 and 7020 files compatibility

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microzed 7010 and 7020 files compatibility

I have a microzed 7020 board and am running xillinux 1.3 on it. I created a bit file where I added another UART port using vivado.  I modified the device tree file to include another UART port, and generated a new .dtb file. Also, I generated a new FSBL and boot.bin file. 


Now, if I want to use the same configuration on the 7010 micorzed board, I know that I need to modify my VHDL file and generate a new bit file for the 7010 board.


But, do I have to again generate a new .dtb file and also a FSBL and hence boot.bin file ?

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Re: microzed 7010 and 7020 files compatibility



Microzed 7010 and 7020 differ only in the Zynq device placed on the board (7010 and 7020, quite obviously). The difference between the devices is only on the logic side.


So it's enough to just change the target in the logic implementation tools (ISE or Vivado). Everything that is related to the PS part (dtb, FSBL, boot.bin etc.) needs no change.