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Registered: ‎04-03-2018

modprobe for PL net driver ?

I am on 2018.1


I am loading pl from linux prompt via  fpga manager. I have ko  for the pl ethernet driver (axi inet)

in correct directory which I load next with modprobe.  The subsequent lsmod show eth driver



Now,  eventually I want to be able to do "ifconfig" and see interface based on the added driver.  When

"ifconfig -a", I see no interface. Seems as I am missing a step to define interface for this driver

which modprob would use to bind the driver. Basically, stuff which is usally in device tree but I had to

override to allow linux boot without PL.


Any ideas ? And yes ... if I create boot.bin with pl and let fsbl load pl, the  interface is there...





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