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Observer rrooyen
Registered: ‎04-30-2015

petalinux-boot --jtag --kernel fails on 2016.3

I am unable to boot over JTAG, however the image boots fine on QEMU. The PicoZed SOM 7030 board is configured properly for JTAG boot. Are there any clues in the output that will help debug this problem? Thank you in advance for your help!

Command line:

petalinux-boot --verbose --jtag --fpga --bitstream images/linux/system_wrapper.bit --kernel


INFO: Append dtb - /home/rrooyen/Project/novina_host_2016.3/images/linux/system.dtb and other options to boot zImage
XSDB Script:
INFO: Launching XSDB for file download and boot.
INFO: This may take a few minutes, depending on the size of your image.

puts stderr "INFO: Configuring the FPGA..."
puts stderr "INFO: Downloading bitstream to the target."
fpga "images/linux/system_wrapper.bit"
targets -set -nocase -filter {name =~ "arm*#0"}

source /home/rrooyen/Project/novina_host_2016.3/subsystems/linux/hw-description/ps7_init.tcl; ps7_post_config
catch {stop}
set mctrlval [string trim [lindex [split [mrd 0xF8007080] :] 1]]
puts "mctrlval=$mctrlval"
puts stderr "INFO: Downloading ELF file to the target."
dow "/home/rrooyen/Project/novina_host_2016.3/images/linux/zynq_fsbl.elf"
after 2000
after 3000; stop
targets -set -nocase -filter {name =~ "arm*#0"}
puts stderr "INFO: Downloading ELF file to the target."
dow "/home/rrooyen/Project/novina_host_2016.3/pre-built/linux/images/u-boot.elf"
after 2000
after 2000; stop
targets -set -nocase -filter {name =~ "arm*#0"}

rst -processor; after 2000
dow -data "/home/rrooyen/Project/novina_host_2016.3/images/linux/system.dtb" 0x12408000
after 2000
rwr r2 0x12408000
targets -set -nocase -filter {name =~ "arm*#0"}
dow -data "/home/rrooyen/Project/novina_host_2016.3/images/linux/zImage" 0x10008000
after 2000
rwr pc 0x10008000
after 5000
INFO: Configuring the FPGA...
INFO: Downloading bitstream to the target.
100% 5MB 1.2MB/s 00:04
WARNING: Memory read error at 0xF8000008. Cannot read write-only register
Reading write-only registers can lead to unpredictable behavior.
Use mwr instead of mask_write to write to write-only registers.
Further warnings will be suppressed
INFO: Downloading ELF file to the target.
Downloading Program -- /home/rrooyen/Project/novina_host_2016.3/images/linux/zynq_fsbl.elf
section, .text: 0x00000000 - 0x0000eb8b
section, .handoff: 0x0000eb8c - 0x0000ebd7
section, .init: 0x0000ebd8 - 0x0000ebef
section, .fini: 0x0000ebf0 - 0x0000ec07
section, .rodata: 0x0000ec08 - 0x0000ef3f
section, .data: 0x0000ef40 - 0x00011de3
section, .mmu_tbl: 0x00014000 - 0x00017fff
section, .init_array: 0x00018000 - 0x00018003
section, .fini_array: 0x00018004 - 0x00018007
section, .rsa_ac: 0x00018008 - 0x0001903f
section, .bss: 0x00019040 - 0x0001ae6f
section, .heap: 0x0001ae70 - 0x0001ce6f
section, .stack: 0xffff0000 - 0xffffd3ff
100% 0MB 0.3MB/s 00:00
Setting PC to Program Start Address 0x00000000
Successfully downloaded /home/rrooyen/Project/novina_host_2016.3/images/linux/zynq_fsbl.elf
Already stopped
invoked from within
"::tcf::eval -progress {apply {{msg} {puts $msg}}} {tcf_send_command tcfchan#0 RunControl suspend s e JTAG-jsn-JTAG-HS2-210249994574-4ba00477-0.0}"
(procedure "::tcf::send_command" line 4)
invoked from within
"::tcf::send_command $chan RunControl suspend s e [list $ctx]"
(procedure "stop" line 14)
invoked from within
(file "/tmp/tmp.8KBNTHhddV" line 16)

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