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Registered: ‎04-21-2017

petalinux-config --get-hw-description fails after Centos-7 update

Dear Forum,

Testing Petalinux on Centos 7.5 last night and I ran the ZCU106  .bsp based build for the original vcu_trd. This completed with out issue. I then let the O/S run its sw update, and now the Petalinux flow falls at the second fence.

[dje@localhost dje_vcu_trd_10g]$ which vivado

[dje@localhost dje_vcu_trd_10g]$ echo $PETALINUX

[dje@localhost dje_vcu_trd_10g]$ petalinux-create --type project --template zynqMP --name dje_pl1
INFO: Create project: dje_pl1
INFO: New project successfully created in /home/dje/dje_vcu_trd_10g/dje_pl1
[dje@localhost dje_vcu_trd_10g]$ cd dje_pl1/

[dje@localhost dje_pl1]$ petalinux-config --get-hw-description=/home/dje/dje_vcu_trd_10g/vcu_10g_hdf/
INFO: Getting hardware description...
INFO: Rename vcu_10g_wrapper.hdf to system.hdf
[INFO] generating Kconfig for project
[INFO] menuconfig project
ERROR: Failed to menu config project component
ERROR: Failed to config project.
ERROR: Get hw description Failed!.
[dje@localhost dje_pl1]$


As you can see, all my paths are setup ok, I can create a new project and the .hdf file is being found, however PL-config then falls over with the messages shown above. I have deleted and reinstalled PL, but that has not helped.

Any ideas how I can restore this tool flow?


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Registered: ‎04-21-2017

Re: petalinux-config --get-hw-description fails after Centos-7 update

Out of desperation I flattened the laptop and reinstalled the OS and all the tools, yet still the problem remains.

When I open up a new shell I get the following reports.

PetaLinux environment set to '/home/dje/petalinux/2018.3'
WARNING: This is not a supported OS
INFO: Checking free disk space
INFO: Checking installed tools
INFO: Checking installed development libraries
INFO: Checking network and other services
WARNING: No tftp server found - please refer to "PetaLinux SDK Installation Guide" for its impact and solution

The message that I'm running an unsupported OS is strange because Centos 7.5 is listed in the PL documentation as supported, and I have verified that this is the version I have installed.

[dje@localhost ~]$ lsb_release -a

Distributor ID: CentOS
Description: CentOS Linux release 7.5.1804 (Core)
Release: 7.5.1804
Codename: Core

This is also the same version that I installed last week (same .iso) which initially gave me a fully working PL build.





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Registered: ‎04-21-2017

Re: petalinux-config --get-hw-description fails after Centos-7 update

Dear Forum,

Looks like this was a license issue, as getting a new set of PL license-features in place has fixed the issue...(so far).

I've no idea how the original  build ran with out a license, but the new build is doing ok so far.





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Registered: ‎08-07-2010

Re: petalinux-config --get-hw-description fails after Centos-7 update

Hi dje666

I'm experiencing the same problem as you. Could you please tell me what exactly did you do to solve the issue?

many thanks.

José Romero.

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