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Visitor engr_nadir
Registered: ‎06-13-2017

petalinux configuration driver security

Hi Everyone, 


I am making a flow, where I provide encrypted bitstream, and an application which can do the decryption of the bitstream and then do the configuration on FPGA. I am using petalinux (2017.4) on Zynq zc702. The application is made secure against reverse engineering, so that the decryption key cannot be extracted. 


Now I have only one problem that is the security of the driver.Because driver has access to unencrypted bitstream, and it can store it. I cannot use the internal decryption engine of the device, it is one of the project limitations. 


I am not sure if following two options are feasible.

1) Take devcfg driver code and integrate it inside the application, and protect the application against reverse engineering.

2) The application checks the integrity of the driver before using it for configuration, since I am providing bitstream and application to someone else who will build his own petalinux project, how can I make sure that I can check his configuration driver's integrity.




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