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Registered: ‎09-14-2020

"The core is powered down" while downloading linux on board


I've been using Petalinux tools to build my images for ZCU104 and ZCU102 boards. Then used petalinux-boot to program the boards and export tcls  (The goal for me is to automate the bitstream and linux programming without having to manipulate the board).

It works flawlessly on ZCU104 boards. But for ZCU102 ones, I sometimes encouter the following error

"The core is powered down"

This happens with petalinux-boot and Tcls (which basically do the same). I've compared both exported scripts  and found out the only difference is the reset at the begining of the script. ZCU104 can do a 

rst -por

but the ZCU102 can't, I've tried to modify the tcl script with each one of the documented resets here.


The error is the exact same one than the one from this topic which hasn't gotten any answer.

Of course I've followed this support answer but this doesn't help : AR #69143.


Is there any way to fix this and not having to power down the board manually everytime this occurs ?



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