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Registered: ‎04-23-2013

u-boot saveenv problem

I followed the instructions as per http://www.wiki.xilinx.com/Build+U-Boot to build u-boot for our ML605 board with an FPGA configured for a Little Endian Microblaze 8.40.b and everything seems to work fine.  I've managed to boot linux from a tftp server using the command line interface. 

Currently I have the bitstream with the SREC bootloader being loaded from platform flash which is loading the u-boot stored at the beginning of the linear flash.

The next step is to store the environment but when I issue a 'saveenv' I end up having to reflash the bitstream and the linear flash.  I connected up the debugger and stepped through the saveenv function and can see that it is trying to erase 0xa2000000 - 0xa201ffff which seems rather large for an environment and will erase the u-boot stored there.  I'm assuming there is a problem with my u-boot configuration, CONFIG_ENV_OFFSET or CONFIG_ENV_SIZE??


(gdb) n
286        if (flash_sect_erase((long)flash_addr, end_addr))
2: /x end_addr = 0xa201ffff
3: flash_addr = (env_t * const) 0xa2000000


The version of u-boot is at the latest version of your git reposistory.  I'm also using v14.6 of the Xilinx tools.


Any help is greatly appreciated, Many Thanks,


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Registered: ‎04-23-2013

Re: u-boot saveenv problem

After reading through the code some more I can see that it expects the U-Boot environment to be located in the first 128KB sector of the linear flash so I changed my first stage bootloader to load U-Boot from 0xA2020000 and then reflash U-Boot into this new location. I then booted up U-Boot and changed the environment a bit and saved it and although the platform flash still fails to load the FPGA/FSBL when I restore it, it loads U-Boot with the saved environment. So I just need to know why it's corrupted the platform flash now.
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