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Registered: ‎07-09-2012

zc702 audio support



I am trying to test USB audio support on the zc702 dev board.  I have compiled the 3.3 kernel with sound support and ALSA support enabled.  I built the ALSA library and test program that opens a device and writes PCM data to it.  


When I plug the USB audio device into the board I see notification that a device has been added.  These devices are added to the /dev/snd directory when the USB audio device is plugged in:  ControlC0, pcmC0D0p, and pcmC0D0c.  The /proc/asound directory gets a card0 added and the info indicates correctly that the device is a USB audio device.  This would indicate to me that the kernel & ALSA  are correctly recognizing the device.


The ALSA test application is able to see the device as it gets listed in the device count but is unable to open it...  It generates a -2 error code "unable to find audio device" any way I try to open the aforementioned device.


I guess the most basic question is whether ALSA is the best way to go to add embedded audio support to the system.  Has anyone used a different approach?  If so, how?  Has anyone been successful with ALSA?


Thanks for any suggestions.


- Dave

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