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Participant pfournier
Registered: ‎12-22-2017

AMS101 Evaluatore GUI v1.1 is not showing the sample count correctly

I Have the AMS101 evaluator running on a ZC702 Evaluation kit (V1.3). 


I put in my own signal and it APPEARS to work while watching in the time domain until you look at the Samples count. 

My sample rate is 961.54 K Samples /s.  I put in a 20Hz sine wave signal and it showed only 260 samples in one cycle.  That doesn't look right. 


If I go to freq domain the fundamental is at 3600 Hz.  That doesn't look right either.


I tried changing the sample rate and the signal in time domain stayed the same.  (Yes I have it in Continuous data collection.)


Is the problem in the evaluator or the FPGA design or ????.



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