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Participant eng_karim
Registered: ‎07-15-2013

Clock distribution on Zynq706 and power measurement using TI Fusion power

 Hi All 

I have a design of successive AES stages to encrypt 3 colour components as shown in the figures 


 and near view of AES connections


and there are too many successive stages only to get large utlization 

Slice Logic Utilization:
  Number of Slice Registers:                62,213 out of 437,200   14%
  Number of Slice LUTs:                    145,045 out of 218,600   66%
Slice Logic Distribution:
  Number of occupied Slices:                42,082 out of  54,650   77%
Specific Feature Utilization:
  Number of RAMB36E1/FIFO36E1s:                  3 out of     545    1%
  Number of RAMB18E1/FIFO18E1s:                 61 out of   1,090    5%
  Number of BUFG/BUFGCTRLs:                      2 out of      32    6%


I inserted a clock generator IP and connect it to FCLK0 at frequency = 100 MHz and the whole design to the output CLKOUT0 of clock generator at the same frequency 100 MHz

but on measuring the power using the TI Fusion Power and after some time about one minute I have a power failure as reported in this figure



Then I did something it seems to me strange I created three clock generators and connect all of them to FCLK0 and the output of each clock generator  is connected to a part of the design 

surprisingly, I have no more power failure and run it normally for along time and to be sure of that I run it around 20 min 


but now if I want to change the frewuency of FCLK I got this error in XPS 
so what is the problem ?? does a large fanout from one clock generator is the cause ??


another interesting experiment I did. with one clock generator with CLKin = 100 MHz and CLKout= 10 MHz or 50 MHz the design was running normally without problem 


Another question regarding the TI Fusion power

From the graphs, is it normal to have this up and down of the monitored power  between 0.577 W and 2.606 W


I will pleased to offer any additional required information




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Participant eng_karim
Registered: ‎07-15-2013

Re: Clock distribution on Zynq706 and power measurement using TI Fusion power

Any idea ? any suggestions ? 

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