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Registered: ‎05-07-2013

Coding for FPU on MicroBlaze

Hi all,


I am quite new to the microblaze and systems built with XPS, so bear with me please. I know that some other threads have similar questions but I want to get a clear answer on this one.


I have built a system with XPS having a microblaze processor. I have enabled the extended FPU so that i could use the square root function and the conversions (int to float and float to int). I have written some code in C where it uses arithmetic functions and square roots. I know that the FPU is single precision and therefore works with floats and not doubles.


My question is: will normal C code, i.e. when using the +, -, *,  /, and sqrt, use the FPU automatically?

I mean if I write for example: a = b + c (all vars are floats), will it use the FPU or just use C libraries to perform the operations? Is the math.c library required to use the FPU?


Another quick question, what are the instructions in C to make conversions (int to float and float to int) in order to use the FPU?


Thanks for your patience!


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