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Observer saban
Registered: ‎08-20-2015

How can I generate device tree for KC705 & AD6676 setup?



I have a KC705 & AD6676 setup. I'm using analog devices's reference design that is working on microblaze.

I need to generate a devicetree(dts&dtsi) for my setup.

I tried to modify already exist dts files but It could not work properly.


Analog devices's repo have many dts files for different board&fmc double.

I used "vc707_ad6676evb.dts" and "vc707_ad6676evb_pl.dtsi" as base devicetree reference.

I merged base dts files with KC705&Ad9467' dts files(kc705_ad9467_fmc.dts and kc705_ad9467_fmc_pl.dtsi).

AD9467 uses LPC and AD6676 uses HPC. I think, I made a mistake related with FMC slot.

I only replaced Ethernet related lines in vc707&ad6676 wtih KC705&AD9467 dts files.

After generating new device tree(attached), and installation, I can ping board from PC but I could not list any device on board with iio_info command(dmesg and iio_info result is attached.)


In conclusion, I could not modify dts files properly.


I searched in your forum. Xilinx has devicetree generator tools but most of people say: There are many problems in new version of generator. You have to use old version. It  works fine ...


I want to ask you: What is the best way for generating devicetree? You recommend which way?

Please guide me. How can I use this tool, or tcl script...


Thanks in advance. 




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Observer saban
Registered: ‎08-20-2015

Re: How can I generate device tree for KC705 & AD6676 setup?

Hi again,


My question has not been answered yet.

I tried Xilinx SDK 2014.4 and 2015.2(screen shot attached).

I also download different versions of xilinx git repos. It doenst work also.


Please lead me. 



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