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Visitor maldinilq
Registered: ‎07-29-2008

Import Microblaze to Simulink as a BlackBox

    I wonder if it is possible to import Microblaze processor to Simulink environment as a Xilinx BlackBox?

    My team is using MATLAB2006a and EDK 8.2i. I have problems when importing Microblaze Processor into the MATLAB Simulink Environment. When compiling the processor, it causes the MATLAB to hang and crash. From what i heard, this problem has been fixed in EDK 10.1. 

    however due to limitation, my team can't update the EDK into 10.1 version. 

    therefore, I wonder if there's a way to import Microblaze processor into Simulink environment using Xilinx Blackbox.

Thanks very much. 

Message Edited by maldinilq on 07-29-2008 09:41 AM
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