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Observer glsumala
Registered: ‎03-25-2014

LWIP stackup over CPRI ethernet



I was trying echo server application on CPRI ethernet. AXI ethernet subsystem configured to GMII INTERNAL mode. CPRI ethernet interface set to GMII. Ethernet subsystem's gmii interface connected to cpri's gmii interface. MDIO interface left unconnected. Our card has kintex 7 XC7K160t-1ffg676 fpga and it has cpri slave instantiated, basically our card acts as RRH. We are testing with E6610a(Keysight RRH tester).  E6610a expects RRH to send DHCP request. E6610A will pass the DHCP request over the LAN connection to the network, and pass the network’s response back to the RRH over the CPRI link. Thus IP will be assigned to our card.


I enabled lwip stack (DHCP enabled) in bsp and ran lwip echo server example application. 


---lwip server demo application---

auto-negotiated link speed:0

after this no prints are observed.


I tried setting link speed 100Mbps  and 10 Mbps manually instead of autonegotiate. In that case DHCP timeout is observed. Is the ethernet design correct or am i missing something..Can someone pls help debugging this.


Thanks in advance.

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