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Visitor bneo002

Need help in zynq-7000 project

This project involves designing and implementing a cryptographic game on Xilinx Zynq board. The board will execute a cryptographic algorithm to convert plain text to cipher text. The cipher text will be displayed to the player and the player will be asked to guess the plain text. The text will correspond to common names of fruits, vegetables etc.

So I've created a custom IP with vivado HLS with axi 4 lite slave interface for the plain and cipher text (initially empty) as inputs and thus read the updated cipher text after the ciphering is done in the board. With the C driver files provided, how do i utilize the functions in order to convert the text?

note:  XCeaser_cipher_Write_message_Words(XCeaser_cipher *InstancePtr, int offset, int *data, int length);

          XCeaser_cipher_Read_cipher_Words(XCeaser_cipher *InstancePtr, int offset, int *data, int length);

These might be the function that will help me but i am not sure what are the inputs asking for.
Would be great if there some examples can be given to help understand the functions better and the inputs required.          

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