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Visitor plumbum1985
Registered: ‎04-09-2014

ZYNQ power-on sequencing

And once again about Zynq powering.


DS191 says “If VCCPAUX, VCCPLL, and the PS VCCO supplies (VCCO_MIO0, VCCO_MIO1, and VCCO_DDR) have the same recommended voltage levels, then they can be powered by the same supply and ramped simultaneously”.

So the question: what does it mean? Should every of this supply has the same voltage level (VCCPAUX = VCCPLL = VCCO_MIO0 = VCCO_MIO1 = VCCO_DDR = 1.8V) to apply this recommendation or just any of this (VCCO_MIO0 or VCCO_MIO1 or VCCO_DDR)?

For example, if I have VCC_MIO1 = 1.8V, VCCO_MIO0 = 3.3V, and VCCO_DDR = 1.5V could I supply VCCPAUX, VCCPLL, VCC_MIO1 simultaneously with the same supply and then supply VCCO_MIO0, VCCO_DDR? Or I should supply VCCPAUX, VCCPLL and only then supply VCCO_MIO0, VCC_MIO1, VCCO_DDR?


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