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Visitor acidka
Registered: ‎08-01-2017

Zynq-7000 TTC counter and RC

Hello all.


I have some misunderstanding with TTCs in Zynq-7000. When I started I used this user guide to understand how TTCs with PWM are working. I have to change RC timer in handler so my time intervals would be always different and I have a problem with it.

First time I tryed  to make it with think that if I change RC timer counter would be reset and start to increment from 0 to new RC, but when I realized it I saw a problem: when I am using timer with PWM sometimes I don't have impulses, but have interrupt. Then I tryed to use reset timer counter by bit in XTTCPS_CNT_CNTRL register.

After this I tryed to measure time to all my RCs for timer and I saw that sometimes (about 1 of 5) it become +0.5 seconds when all time is 25 seconds. I thought that may be because I waste too much time at timer handler, some things like count prescaler and write to timer register I used asm insertions. Then I thought that I have to consider counter and I done it at my RC: RC = RC - (counter)<<prescaler, after this I reset counter. And I have to notice if my RC is smaller then counter<<prescaler then RC would be my Match_value. Some part of RC would be lost because of prescaler and I notice it by new variable which would be add to new RC.

Now it seems to have stable error, but there is something I haven't noticed because by same amount of RCs (before subtraction counters) I use to 2 timers don't end at one time. Can someone say for me what is my error?



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