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Observer saiwing_hit
Registered: ‎08-18-2017

why does cpu1 of zynq XC7Z020 seem to be damaged

hello, everyone

I am using zynq XC7Z020 SOC, during past half year, it run quite well.

However, days ago, I suddenly found CPU1 fails.

After power up,  register A9_CPU_RST_CTRL(0xF8000244)  has value 0x22( which means CPU1 clock stopped and CPU1 held in reset state).  CPU0 is OK.

I tried to clear A9_CPU_RST_CTRL, CPU1 still doesn't work. I also check pin PS_SRST_B and PS_POR_B, the timing sequence satisfy UG585 doc.


I am very sure both CPUs were ok before, but now I can only have CPU0 work.


What is the cause and how can I solve the problem


I will be very grateful for your advice.

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