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Registered: ‎08-04-2016

10G ethernet between ZCU102, ZCU111


We are using the 10G ethernet subsystem IP and our design is based on XAPP1305. First we tested the design on ZCU102 in loopback mode and between two ZCU102 boards. Then, we ported the design onto ZCU111 with appropriate changes to the constraints file. Here's our situation now -

  1. 10G on ZCU102 in loopback works fine.
  2. 10G between two ZCU102 boards works fine.
  3. 10G on ZCU111 in loopback works fine.
  4. 10G between two ZCU111 boards works fine.
  5. 10G between ZCU102 and ZCU111 does not work!

Any idea why this might be happening? We are using exactly the same design on both boards and it works (first four cases) but fails between the two boards (case 5). How do we debug this?

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Registered: ‎08-04-2016

Update. Things we tried -

  1. Program 3 boards. (Link between 1 and 2 is known to work and between 1 and 3 does not.)
  2. Check block_lock status on board 1 when no ethernet cable is connected. Block_lock is low.
  3. Connect a cable between boards 1 and 2. Block_lock on board 1 goes high. Transmitting data from board 2 is received on board 1.
  4. Disconnect the cable from board 2 and connect the cable between boards 1 and 3. Block_lock goes low.
  5. Reconnect cable between boards 1 and 2. Block_lock becomes high again and the ethernet link works.

Why does block_lock go low? How do we solve the problem?

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