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Visitor icogginsoda
Registered: ‎02-02-2017

AXI Data mover MAx burst / cmd fragmentation

I have a design using the Xilinx AXI Datamover IP core.  It is configured with 64 bit stream interface and 256 bit MM interface, and a max burst size of 16 beats.


I have a video feed, that can be of varying dimensions. I am finding that as long as I submit cmds to the DM core, that are multiples of the 16 beat size, I get one MM transaction per cmd queued and all is well.


dIf my video feed is reduced, and I no longer have 16 beats , I am finding that the AXatamover I core is coalescing cmds and then splitting at  what appear to be MAX_BURST 16 beat boundaries - creating interim s2mm_ld_nxt_len / s2mm_wr_len signals and causing a major headache with asserting TLAST correctly.  The extra ld_nxt_len cycle occurs while the first segment is being transferred, so I have to hold the values for later creating pipeline issues.  .


The attached image shows the split packet. To the right of the yellow cursor, you'll see a burst len of 07 followed by 03.




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