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Registered: ‎11-17-2016

AXI stream interface for 40G ETHERNET SUBSYSTEM v2.1 IP


    We are having a design with two 40G Ethernet subsystem and we are testing the data transfer from MAC0 to MAC1.
    We were using 40G Ethernet subsystem v2.0 with Vivado version 2016.4. Since the 40G Ethernet subsystem supports only 128-bit straddled AXI4 stream, we used some RTL converter for this 128-bit straddled to 128-bit stream conversion. This was working fine without much problems. 

   With Vivado version 2017.1, we found that, this IP is having 256bit AXI4 regular stream interface. So, we have upgraded our old design to 2017.1 and changed the data path interface to 256-bit Regular AXI4 stream. But no packets are getting transmitted from MAC1. 

   When we tested with the same design (staddled AXI4 stream) upgraded to 2017.1,it is  working fine. Please find the attachment for Datapath. Can you help us debugging this issue?

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