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Registered: ‎08-22-2007

Data transfer solution



I am about to design a DSP card which will generate a lot of data. What is the best way to transfer this data to a PC, either directly by running a server application on the computer or by connecting a media.


I can imagine several solution but I have little understanding of their different complexity.


For example I could implement a SATA controller and attach a large disk which I could later insert into a PC or even read via USB or Ethernet. Has anyone done this? Are there IP blocks for this?


An Ethernet solution and a MicroBlaze CPU is a very neat solution but with very limited bandwidth.


An high-speed USB interface might be good but I am not sure how reliable the connection is, i.e. how much buffer memory will it require on the FPGA end?


The development cards i.e. ML507 comes with both RJ45 and SFP connectors. Could I use these to transfer the data and what would I put in the other end?


I would like to be able to store about 1TB of data at a rate of 1Gbps (typical).


EDIT: I will be designing a new PCB with a Virtex 6 FPGA.




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