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Observer lampertg
Registered: ‎02-12-2018

Ethernet disconnection detection


I'm using LWIP 2.02, bare metal, with Microblaze on the Virtex Ulrascale 118.

I'm trying to figure out how do I detect disconnection in different cases:

1. when connected to Windows PC, and the client APP crushes, I can (usually) detect the disconnection when trying to send data (tcp_write) and get Err_Conn. but I'm not sure if there's a way to detect it when I'm not sending data.

2.when connected to a PC that is running UBUNTU, and the client closes the FD (without disconnecting), and then reconnect, and send a message, I cannot process this message since the "recv_callback" fails: " do not read the packet if we are not in ESTABLISHED state". when checking the state, it seems to be in "LAST_ACK" and never recovers, even though the callback calls in this case:  tcp_close(tpcb);  and tcp_recv(tpcb, NULL);

3. in some cases, it seems that the "pbuf" is full, and never empties, even when disconnecting and reconnecting. in this case i can get an "ERR_MEM" when calling "tcp_write", or in case I'll call "tcp_sndbuf(pcb);" the return value will always be too small and will always stay this way, even when calling  " tcp_output(pcb);"

4. detect Ethernet cable disconnection.


That was a long question, but I hope that you can assist me with these issues.

Thank you in advance,



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Visitor hossam1984
Registered: ‎02-26-2019

Re: Ethernet disconnection detection

I was looking for the same thing. To solve this issue I have done the follwoing part to the while loop of each sending part of my design.

add this :

extern enum ethernet_link_status eth_link_status;


then in your function play with this:

if(send_pcb->state == CLOSED || (eth_link_status != ETH_LINK_UP))
active=false; // I use this to start and stop sending function
tcp_abort(send_pcb); // Abort the connection to be able to get rid of all sending buffers
break; // to break my while loop


Good Luck