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Visitor smalljackkor
Registered: ‎09-05-2016

GTX no output clock and data for Displayport Rx

Dear all,


I made a 2-lane DisplayPort Rx Link Layer, and now I am trying to test it with TB-7K-325T-IMG board (Kintex-7).
For the test, I made GTX as DisplayPort Rx Physical Layer using ISE 14.7.
Also, I designed a controller for DP159 Re-timer to get a reference clock and data from DP159 Re-timer.
I am stuck in Main Link Training Pattern 2 (TPS2), and I need some help.


I found that GTX seems to work wrong regularly during TPS2 period and I don’t know why.
DP159 Re-timer, which sends data and a reference clock to GTX, passes the data and the reference clock continuously.
However, the output of GTX sends the clock and the data for 80us, then pauses sending them for 20us, and repeats this routine.
1. Is there anything that I missed when I set GTX? I set it with those options:
- Rx only with Enable Rx buffer and DFE Mode(Auto)
- Disabled Decoding, Rx COMMA detection, PCI Express, OOB Signal Detection, PRBS, and Clock correction
- Data width: External - 20-bit, Internal - 20-bit. Enabled deserializer and bypassing all other functions.
2. Only considering the case that the clock is not sent, is there something I should set for GTX to pass the clock continuously?
3. Is there any limitation related to a license for GTX, like DisplayPort IP? I could not find any licence-related sentences.
4. Do I need some setting that must be set for the GTX on UCF (Constrants, for example)?




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Registered: ‎02-16-2010

Re: GTX no output clock and data for Displayport Rx

What signals are you probing at the GT interface level to confirm the missing data?

If you are probing at the IP level, then the missing data could be after the GT receiver and in the processing logic.
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