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Observer sheheeraismail
Registered: ‎11-17-2017

In RapidIO, can lane 1 work, if lane 0 is disconnected ?

My hardware: Zynq 7030 and picoZed board (FMC carrier board Gen 2).

I have a Serial RapidIO IP core (SRIO) allowing one lane (lane 0) of the port to be connected by SMA (4x connectors for TX+, TX-, RX+ and RX-) of the picoZed board. Lane 1 of SRIO port on this picoZed board can be connected using SFP+ connector and cable.

I would like to perform the following two tests.

1. I want to use SFP+ connected (assigned as lane 1) and not connect anything on lane 0 of the port (assigned to SMA lines). I want it to either reduce to 1x lane configuration or be forced to operate as 1x lane under the 2x-port config. is it possible under SRIO protocol to use lane 1 if lane 0 is disconnected?


2. I want to test SRIO bandwidth using 2x lanes. Both lane 0 and lane 1 are connected to the endpoint. The endpoint successfully detects the port to be 2x mode. No errors. Lane status is fine. Port is initialised, link is also initialised. But when data is transferred, it is the same bandwidth as the bandwidth with 1x mode i.e. 3.7Gbps. have SRIO core clock running at 125MHz (which should support 10Gbps).. any help please???

How is bandwidth measured? Using Integrated Logic Analyser (ILAs) in vivado on physical lines of tx and rx of the IP core.

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