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Newbie rwham
Registered: ‎06-30-2008

Lowest Speed available for Aurora/RocketIO



I currently read the specifications for the RocketIO transcievers at having a minimum data rate of ~600mb/s.  Does anyone know if these transceivers can be run at a slower speed?  I have an application for use with plastic optical fiber and the transceivers top out at 250mb/s.


If I can't use the RocketIO MGTs, can the Aurora protocol be used with the standard LVDS outputs?





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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
Registered: ‎08-02-2007

Re: Lowest Speed available for Aurora/RocketIO

With oversampling enabled, the GTPs (Virtex-5 LXT and SXT) can be operated at speeds as low as 100 Mbps and the GTXs (Virtex-5 FXT) can be operated at speeds as low as 150 Mbps.


However, the Aurora core can only be generated for 500 Mbps or higher (in the case of GTP).  I don't believe that they have added the oversampling option for the Aurora core, which is what allows the lower line rates.  I have not done it myself, but I imagine that it wouldn't be too difficult to make the modifications necessary to run at those lower speeds.


In theory, I think you could implement Aurora using LVDS, but that would require a lot of work to build in the 8b/10b encoding/decoding and other features of the MGTs that are not part of the regular IOBs.

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