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Newbie piloyakir
Registered: ‎01-20-2019

Packets lost during WiFi connection between 2 ZedBoards cards


i'm using 2 Digilent ZedBoards cards (Zynq-7000) with Vivado 2017.4 (for the record - i've tried to work with 2018.1 but from some reason there was a problem with the wifi's library and someone from Digilent's forum suggest to work with 2017.4.

the 2 ZedBoards are connected with the PmodWiFi module, this module has been tested and the hardware is working fine.

my goal is to transfer a 120*160 matrix of integers from one zedboard to another. i've succeded to transfer string or several integers between the boards.

the project are based on the tcp client and tcp server which exists in the examples inside PmodWiFi library. (also tried the UDP examples, didn't work). i'm sending each time an array of 160 elements. so in total in each transfer there are 640 bytes of data. the function being used is: tcpSocket.writeStream((u8*)mat,160*4)) in while loop until 120 transfers are being made.

the current situation is that i'm not getting all the packets at the second card. in average 15-20 packets from total 120 packets are recieved.

after a research i've made, i get an offer to put the function -> DEIPck::periodicTasks(); after every write stream but it didn't work.

putting sleep(2) after each send also didn't solve the issue.

attached a screenshot of the relevant code which will help to explain how the send data works.

i'll be glad if someone could help with this topic or refer me to relevant project.

my while loop for sending packets:

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