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Newbie jrx77
Registered: ‎11-06-2007

Querying verisons from FPGA designs

I am looking for a methodology for allowing version and configuration information to be queried from FPGA designs.  My primary focus is to take the FPGA configuration information in order to properly format a GUI.  I need to reliably determine the configuration of the FPGA and default value that the FPGA should be set too.  Currently, the information is stored in a file on system with the bit file.  The problem to this, is that it is prone to human errors.  If I update block X to 1.1 in my design, and its register configuration information differes from version 1.0, my GUI will load and configure the application incorrectly when the separate file is not current.
This seems like a problem that a lot of system developers would have encountered in the past and am looking for ideas. 
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