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Registered: ‎08-03-2019

SPI701 unable to write bitstream

I downloaded the SP701_IPI project, I click "Generate Bitstream" then I got the below message:

[Common 17-69] Command failed: This design contains one or more cells for which bitstream generation is not permitted:
system_i/axi_ethernet_0/inst/mac/inst/tri_mode_ethernet_mac_i/bd_4bad_mac_0_core (<encrypted cellview>)
If a new IP Core license was added, in order for the new license to be picked up, the current netlist needs to be updated by resetting and re-generating the IP output products before bitstream generation.

I create a project from scratch, adding only MicroBlaze and Ethernet using the Board Tab, generating bitstream and I got the same message.

I was wondering if any one can succesfully synthesize a SP701 with a Ethenert capabilities. Does any one has any idea what is happening?

I look forward to hearing from you




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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
Registered: ‎08-13-2007

The TEMAC (used directly, e.g. pg051 or indirectly via the AXI Ethernet Subsystem, pg138) is $ IP and requires a license. Based on the error, it appears you don't have a license. Or it wasn't installed correctly.

You can get an evaluation version here: 

 click on "Evaluate IP"

also useful: (Licensing - How can I get an evaluation license from Xilinx website)


edit: fixed 1st link

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