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Registered: ‎01-09-2018

Where do I find the interface definition for

I'm trying to write a module that connects to the GMII Ethernet port of the Zynq.


here is the attribute listing inside my module:

attribute X_INTERFACE_INFO of gem_txd    : signal is " GEM TXD";
attribute X_INTERFACE_INFO of gem_tx_en  : signal is " GEM TX_EN";
attribute X_INTERFACE_INFO of gem_rxd    : signal is " GEM RXD";
attribute X_INTERFACE_INFO of gem_rx_dv  : signal is " GEM RX_DV";
attribute X_INTERFACE_INFO of gem_tx_clk : signal is " GEM TX_CLK";
attribute X_INTERFACE_INFO of gem_rx_clk : signal is " GEM RX_CLK";

Not all signals are present.  Module was intended to be a monitor, not to drive any signals through this interface.

this interface was extracted from Vivado's language template.  When I create the module and try to connect it in my block diagram it doesn't allow me, I don't understand why.  Using the interface properties, I noticed the zynq actually uses gmii_rtl.  An interface that I'm unable to find a definition for.


Thanks for help!





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