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Registered: ‎07-30-2014

Xapp1026 and ML605 (rev.E) not working

Good afternoon,


I have been last days trying to manage the examples from the xapp1026 (LwIP).

I have tryed different things already but nothing works.

I tryed different versions for SDK 13.1, 14.3, tryed to build a new one by myselve on 14.7.

I realized that the examples were for the old ML605 with 512 MB DIMMs, and my one has 1 GB. I tryed to change it on XPS and export again to SDK, and try the examples, but still nothing works.

I tryed to debub in SDK but unsucessful. I mean unsucessful because every time I debug it again, even not changing anything else, it stucks in a different place.

Sometime I get this:


-----lwIP RAW Mode Demo Application ------
auto-negotiated link speed: 1000

 that is something but incomplete, and most of times I get nothing.


The curious is that at the very beginning I got still once the correct result.

-----lwIP RAW Mode Demo Application ------
Board IP:
Netmask :
Gateway :
auto-negotiated link speed: 1000
Server Port Connect With..
-------------------- ------ --------------------
echo server 7 $ telnet <board_ip> 7
rxperf server 5001 $ iperf -c <board ip> -i 5 -t 100
txperf client N/A $ iperf -s -i 5 -t 100 (on host with IP
tftp server 69 $ tftp -i PUT <source-file>
http server 80 Point your web browser to

 And it just stucked when I tryed the Echo Server. However, I have changed NOTHING to the code, and I never got this anymore.


I cant understand what is wrong... Please help!


Thank you.






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Hi ,


check if you can take the BIST system of ML605 done for 1G DIMM and try it for xapp1026 based sdk c application.




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Registered: ‎07-30-2014



Thank you for you fast reply. I just try to change in the BIST example to 1GB (MT4JSF12864HZ-1G4 Memory part), however I get this error:



INFO: Please remember to update your CE, ODT, Clock, and CSn widths to match your pin layout on your board configuration.

ERROR:EDK:3900 - issued from TCL procedure "update_highaddr" line 41
DDR3_SDRAM (mpmc) - Parameter changes affected the MPMC base and high address of this memory system. The base address is not aligned to the to the size of the bus '0x20000000' in an even power of 2. The C_MPMC_BASEADDR has been reset to 0x00000000. 


In the memory info ist appears "Size: 512MB", and it should also be 1GB. The memory data with as the maximum of 32, and I cant change it to 64...


I'm using in the 13.4 version, the same as the example was made for...


Am I making something wrong?




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Registered: ‎07-30-2014



I have tested, and actually the BIST version I had, had already the changes appointed on

I have tryed to make the same changes on the xapp1026 (version 13.1), generate again bitstream, export to SDK and try again the examples. However, the same problem remains. I can get it working...



What I also realized is that, when I perform the tests from BIST, in the ML605 - Temac Test, I get only

Setting Temac and DMA

Received Packet!

 As shown on the xtp056, I should get

Setting Temac and DMA

Transmitted Packet! 

Received Packet!



Does it means something?


Thanks a lot.




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