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Registered: ‎01-13-2020

ZCU102 GEM3 external FIFO mode : transmit silence

Hello All

I have a ZCU102 board with the GEM3 configured to use the external FIFO.


I believe I can set up some transmission, the question is how to observe on a second interface, what is transmitted ?

I think I can transmit data because I can read it from the status registers, and I also believe that my signals are correct:

When I send a 64 bytes packet, i can see the registers value:

read_verbose 0xFF0E0108
RD : 0xFF0E0108 : 0x00000001
read_verbose 0xFF0E0118
RD : 0xFF0E0118 : 0x00000001

read_verbose 0xFF0E0008
RD : 0xFF0E0008 : 0x00000006
read_verbose 0xFF0E0014
RD : 0xFF0E0014 : 0x00000028

which means there is one successful transmission , and it was one 64 byte packet. The other status bits also look fine.
From the waveform view this look OK.

The problem is that I do not see these packets on the interface of the other end.
I have tried with a HP laptop & windows & wireshark and with a RPI-4 & Linux & Wireshark.

Am I correct, is the packet really out on the interface, are there some more registers to check ?

Is there a procedure to put the TX signals on the RX signals by means of configuration (no soldering on the board or loopback connector) 




Kris Provoost




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