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Observer _kumar
Registered: ‎12-28-2016

Zynq 7000 Ethernet PS PL 1Gbps


I'm having a design with Zynq 7000 fpga, with 1Gbps SGMII Ethernet interface from PS to PL (along with AXI DMA).

When I connect the board to PC, I can see packets are coming and PL TEMac rx counters are incrementing, but no response received at PC.

I'm using petalinux 2019.1 and Vivado 2019.1. Configuring Petalinux project using HDF file. Attached the dts files and hdf.

Any help on bring up of this interface?

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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
Registered: ‎08-15-2018

Re: Zynq 7000 Ethernet PS PL 1Gbps

Hi @_kumar,

Here are a few things I would check:

1.) Does your link partner support SGMII? From your post it sounds like you aren't getting any packets on the host PC which have been TX'd by the Zynq device.

2.) You mention that you're using PS/PL ethernet - however in your dtsi files I only see AXI Ethernet, and both of your GEMs are disabled:



Finally, have a look at XAPP 1026 which has some ethernet reference designs for Zynq 7000 series parts:



The designs use an older version of the tools, but you can use it as a reference for your design.





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Observer _kumar
Registered: ‎12-28-2016

Re: Zynq 7000 Ethernet PS PL 1Gbps

Hi Clayton,

1) The current setup able to receive packets till AXI Ethernet block as shown in attached diagram. May I know does PS Linux should enable any specifics related to AXI DMA and AXI interconnect access?

2) The design uses the PL Ethernet.

For this case, may I know anything wrong in my hdf setup or dts?



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Observer _kumar
Registered: ‎12-28-2016

Re: Zynq 7000 Ethernet PS PL 1Gbps

Hi Claytonr

1. Yes, My link partner supports SGMII.

I have tried two cases, of A. sent ping command to PC and B. send pint command from ARM

A. sent ping command to PC: The ping command response was failing and PC not received any reply from ARM

B. sent ping command from ARM: The ping command response was failing and not sure if the command is reaching the PC or not


Any special cases to be taken care when working PL 1Gbps Ethernet over DMA to PS?

1. DMA will try to write to DDR where Linux is running

2. I suspect some DMA tx/rx was not proper

Any help towards this?

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