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Visitor darren
Registered: ‎12-03-2018

how to extend tcp_write() maximum length in lwip echo server(in sdk)??

hi, I am newbie lwip.

I want to send data of size 0xA000, so I modify lwip echo server example(echo.c ).

as follows


err_t recv_callback(void *arg, struct tcp_pcb *tpcb, struct pbuf *p, err_t err)
    /* do not read the packet if we are not in ESTABLISHED state */
    if (!p) {
        tcp_recv(tpcb, NULL);
        return ERR_OK;
    /* indicate that the packet has been received */
    tcp_recved(tpcb, p->len);
    /* echo back the payload */
    /* in this case, we assume that the payload is < TCP_SND_BUF */
    if (tcp_sndbuf(tpcb) > p->len) {
        //err = tcp_write(tpcb, p->payload, p->len, 1);
        err = tcp_write(tpcb, mem_ptr, 0xA000, 1);
    } else
        xil_printf("no space in tcp_sndbuf\n\r");
    /* free the received pbuf */
    return ERR_OK;


under 0x500 size, it is well done.

but over the size, called interrupt handler(synchronous abort). lwip don't send anytings.

when I using tcp_debug option, I can see that it stopped in p_buf allocation message.

I think the size of P_buf memory is a problem, how can I fix it?

I was trying to change lwip parameter(tcp_wnd, tcp_snd_buf, tcp_mss, etc), But it was not working.

thank you.


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