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Visitor gaozqb
Registered: ‎08-06-2013

srio continuity problems


       1 am debugging srio ipcore my  device is xc5vlx30t-1ff665 ,the rapiadio is srio_v5_6,and Ihave run simulation of example_design,I found the ireq_dsc_n is always high ,and the data could be sent continuously,but in the ireq_generator.v , the ireq_dsc_n is always low . I  only  modified the tickler.v  the  remanent  files of example i don't  modify, when I simulation i found the srio couldn't  send data continuously,the result is when the value of  ireq_tid equal to 16 , the ireq_rdy_n change to high and always hold high  so  the fifo is full and couldn't receive data.if i always hold ireq_dsc_n to high ,i can send data continuously, but the data is wrong

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