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Registered: ‎04-02-2019

vcu118: ethernet_10g_ip is giving rx fault.

We have loaded bit stream for TOE project (from github) on VCU118. ethernet_10g_ip is transmitting packet which can capture through the tcpdump on network. However when we tried to ping we do not see any activity on rx side of the ethernet_10g_ip. I have captured stat_rx_local_fault and stat_rx_internal_local_fault of ethernet_10g_ip using ILA. These stats are coming continuously high.

I will appreciate if we can get pointer to debug this issue further.

thanks and regards,
Ishtiyaque Shaikh

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Registered: ‎08-25-2009

Re: vcu118: ethernet_10g_ip is giving rx fault.

Hi ,

The RX local fault indicates the receiver is not up and operational. Most likely causes are:

1. transceiver has not locked or the receiver is being reset. 

2. At least one of the lanes is not synchronized. 

3. The lanes are not properly aligned. 

Is there a link up in your case and can wireshark shows any recieved packets on the other side of the link? 

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