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How to run hello world on a custom board?

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How to run hello world on a custom board?


I want to understand the main difference when programming a board which is configured using a BSP (Ex: ZYBO) and which is configured using only device details(Ex: xc7z010clg400-1). I'm asking because I'm configuring only zynq in the block design with uart1 for hello world application. If I program using ZYBO bsp it works but not if I use only the device details. I need to understand this since my actual project is on a custom z7010 board and not a regular development board and I'm not able to get the uart up and running. I wanted to figure it out on a development board as it is easier to understand.   


I think it is some simple settings detail that I'm missing. Appreciate any help. 

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Re: How to run hello world on a custom board?

First, you should validate the MIO connections for UART in PCW.

My guess is that the MIO configuration specified for UART in zynq_processing_system IP in Vivado HW design doesn't match with the hardware. Please check that as a first step. The next step would be to check the baud rate configuration.
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