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Newbie eduardj
Registered: ‎02-27-2017

Programming Zedboard using OpenCL

Hi everyone.


I have a Xilinx Zedboard device and I would like to get a Xilinx software to configure it with OpenCL programing language. I am reading the support information about SDSoC and SDAccel and I can not know which one would be suitable to configure my Zedboard using OpenCL. In order to decide which is the best software to develope an OpenCL program to configure the Zedboard device, I am reading the SDx Environments Release Notes, Installations, and Licensing Guide, as well as some other information, but I am not able to know which is the one I should use.
On one hand, the SDSoC supports the Zedboard hardware, but I am not sure if I could program it using OpenCL. On the other hand, SDAccel is developed to OpenCL using acceleration cards, but I am not sure if Zedboard is supported.

Could you recomend me a software to configure my Zedboard device using OpenCL lenguage? If you could clarify this topic I would thank you a lot.


Thanks you in advance.

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Newbie diegors
Registered: ‎06-24-2016

Re: Programming Zedboard using OpenCL

Hi eduardj,


Did you manage to find an answer for this? I'm actually interested in doing the exact same thing (using OpenCL with my Zedboard)



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